Why newborn photography is important

Why you should consider hiring a professional newborn photographer.

You have spent months preparing for this day!  Months researching baby gear, pediatricians, midwives and hospitals, baby names and more!  Your little bundle of joy will arrive and your time is no longer your own.  Your days will be filled with diaper changes, feedings, snuggles and,if you’re lucky, some sleep.  Being a new parent is like living in a fog those first few months.  All of the little details of your new baby will soon be forgotten.  Before long, your baby will no longer fit in the crook of your arm.  This is why newborn photography is important.  As an Orlando Newborn Photographer, I am obviously a little bit biased.  However, I am also a mom who has lived it.  I know how quickly those first few weeks fly by. How in such a short span of time, our babies grow and change and we forget those tiny little details.   Their tiny feet, their tufts of hair, their bright new eyes. Those photos will become precious treasures that your family will be able to look back on years from now.  That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 5 reasons why newborn photography is important.


closeup of newborn baby toes


Why Newborn Photography is important | #1. Babies grow so fast. 


I know it sounds cliche, but it’s so true.  As a mom, I know how quickly that first year flies by. How, in such a short span of time, our babies go from crawling around the house to wanting to borrow the car keys.  As a professional newborn photographer, I know that babies change so much in those first few weeks. Pretty soon they are more alert and not as easily posed.  I know how different my tiny clients look just between the photoshoot and the ordering appointment a couple of weeks later!  Before long, your baby will be rolling over, giggling and out of those newborn onesies.

That’s why I am a photographer. I create a one-of-a-kind experience where you will not only have gorgeous photos to keep and treasure, but heirloom art that can be shared for generations. Because each little detail is precious.

newborn baby boy in bear hat

Why Newborn Photography is important | #2. Family heirlooms


Speaking of family heirlooms, how will you remember these little details in 5 years? 18 years? 25 years? Will you log onto your Facebook account to scroll back through 20 years of personal photos?  Will Facebook even be around?  Or will you pull out an old phone and hope that it still works and your child’s baby photos are still stored there?  Professional newborn photographs preserved in an album or prints  will become heirlooms you can share with your child and with their children for years to come. The value of these portraits will only increase as the years go by. My own kids – 12 and 16 – get a kick out of looking at the photos of themselves displayed throughout our home.  Studies have shown that when children grow up seeing photos of themselves displayed at home, it helps their self-esteem!  Another reason why newborn photography is important.


why newborn photography is important

Why Newborn Photography is important | #3 Time-saver

Once your baby arrives, your days will be filled with diaper changes, feedings, pumping breastmilk and if you are lucky, a little bit of sleep.  Everything else goes by the wayside!  Putting your energy into trying to take your own newborn portraits is likely to be at the bottom of your to-do-list!  When attempting to take your own baby’s photos, you will quickly realize that taking photos of a newborn is not as easy as it looks. Babies tend to want to feed as soon as they smell mom nearby. Getting just the right wrap in place to secure a wiggly newborn is a challenge when you are tired!

Hiring a professional photographer who specializes in newborn photography will be a time-saver. Not only are they knowledgeable in newborn photography but, the right photographer,  will also be able to assist you in deciding how to display your favorite images. Which products best fit your needs? Which images would you like to preserve in print?  Walking away from a newborn photography session with beautiful images and heirloom products you will immediately enjoy is an incredible time-saver!

african american parents with newborn baby boy


Why Newborn Photography is important | #4 Experience of a professional

All photographers are not created equal.  Newborn photography is a very specific genre which requires someone with a lot of patience and care.  As an Orlando newborn photographer, I have invested in newborn-focused training over the last decade and photographed hundreds of babies.  The experience of a professional who specializes in newborn photography is invaluable.  That means you can trust that your newborn is in safe, capable hands of someone who does this ALL of the time, not just some of the time.  They will have more experience in soothing babies and swaddling just the right way.  Babies are masters at escaping from a swaddle!  They will also know the correct angles, posing and lighting to best capture your little one.  In addition, a newborn photographer will  have all of the accessories, cute props and necessary equipment to get the job done.  Hiring a professional newborn photographer means your experience will be stress-free.

black newborn girl in dainty flower headband

Why Newborn Photography is important | #5  Timing is everything

You know those sleepy and curly poses you see of newborn babies? The ones in the buckets or on a blanket posed like they are still in the womb?  The ones that you ooooh and aaaah over on social media? Those photos are taken when babies are one to three weeks old! I advise my clients to contact me as soon as they can after baby arrives and we schedule them in those first 2 weeks for their newborn session.  This is when babies are still super sleepy and easily posed. The optimal time frame for these photos is so short.  You could absolutely spend your late night feedings researching how to take photos yourself but by the time you figure it all out, the window of opportunity will be lost.  And while you can get beautiful photos of your baby after they are 3 weeks old, many of those curly poses you had in mind may not be possible.  These are once in a lifetime portraits and you don’t want to miss out!


In closing, now that I’ve shared why newborn photography is important, no matter which photographer you plan to hire for your newborn photography session, start the process early!  This will ensure you do not miss out on these special portraits.  To learn more about my newborn photography sessions in Orlando, fill out the contact form to schedule a quick phone call with me. I can’t wait to hear from you!